Opposed to other known pollen collecting drawers, this drawer is made without any ventilation gaps
on the bottom and sides; this is due to three hygienic reasons:


the drawer is much easier to clean;

the absence of gaps prevents other types of insects to feed on pollen;

in bad weather (humidity over 60%), the pollen absorbs moisture from the air, which is not the case if these ventilation gaps are not present.


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“Contrary to the established belief, I am of the opinion that the collecting drawers should not allow for free air circulation.”




Install the pollen trap in the early spring. Remove the entrance reducer before installing the pollen trap to allow the bees to pass through. If the entrance reducer cannot be removed, cut off the lower (narrowest) part of the mounting plate.

The pollen trap can be mounted to a beehive in a matter of minutes.



“The biggest issue with all pollen traps is high humidity, but pollen trap Kogelnik is an innovative solution to prevent moisture build up.”


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Advantages of pollen trap Kogelnik:


Cleaning is easy due to smooth walls.

The sliding rear plate protects the drawer from condensation, stops the bees from entering the drawer, and protects the beekeeper.

 The drawer is protected from the rain by the moveable alighting platform and the pollen trap cover.

 The volume of the collecting drawer amounts to 750 ml.

If the pollen trap is used correctly and appropriately, the pollen should be very clean.

Invented by:

Roman Kogelnik


Kovinoplastika Kogelnik d.o.o.
Onkraj Meže 16
2392 Mežica, Slovenia


This pollen trap is a patented product.